Bedoeling is om vanuit Lamot een ruim publiek op een laagdrempelige manier kennis te laten maken met het Mechelse erfgoed. Dit gebeurt onder meer via de traditie van de grote zomertentoonstelling in Lamot en de unieke lezingenreeks Soirée Lamot i.s.m. Musea & Erfgoed Mechelen

Daarnaast is Lamot een knooppunt van debat en reflectie rond erfgoed in Vlaanderen. Dit gebeurt via congressen, debatten en studiemomenten. De werking wordt gecoördineerd door de stedelijke afdeling erfgoedontwikkeling. Voor meer informatie over deze diensten: stadsarchief, archeologie, musea & erfgoed mechelen

historicAL building

Lamot is a Mechelen term. Up until the 1980s, the legendary Lamot beer was produced in this former brewery. The renovated Lamot Building is one of the most daring feats in contemporary architecture in the heart of Mechelen.

soirée lamot

Fascinating tales from behind the scenes of Mechelen heritage. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month at 8 p.m.

Soirée Lamot represents a fascinating, accessible series of lectures on a range of aspects of Mechelen heritage. Every second and fourth Thursday of the month, we invite an expert to deliver an impassioned yet accessible talk about his or her research. If the subject permits, a site visit will follow the lecture.

We deliberately choose a very diverse palette of content in terms of the periods, types of heritage and themes. We want to offer the message how diverse heritage can be to a wide audience. Both anecdotes and big sweeping facts are given a place in the series. We hope to gradually and informally build a loyal audience of people interested in heritage and to encourage people to develop an interest in archaeology, for example, and an enthusiasm for oral history.

The topics in the lectures are not necessarily purely about Mechelen. They may start from a broader context, but the link with Mechelen or the Mechelen region is always clearly made.


Address: Lamot, Van Beethovenstraat 8-10, 2800 Mechelen

The Soirée Lamot program can be found on the heritage website.

reflection and heritage

Lamot is also a house for (international) reflection and debate within the Flemish heritage sector. The policy surrounding the future of our heritage is also being shaped through conferences, seminars, workshops, etc.


With E-Land, we are looking for a way of sustainably promoting (international) networking and sharing of expertise based upon specific, local heritage projects. The ‘E’ in E-land stands for hEritage, as well as ‘Experiment’. It is an initiative of the Erfgoedcel Mechelen together with FARO, Heemkunde Vlaanderen [Flanders Local History], Het Firmament and the Interuniversitair Instituut voor Publieksgeschiedenis [Interuniversity Institute for Public History] as partners working on this initiative.

heritage mobile

What is the Heritage Mobile?

The Heritage Mobile is a metal structure on the ceiling of the display room in Lamot. It is an oversized version of the famous toy over numerous children’s cots. Heritage artefacts are hanging from the arms of the mobile.

The specific content of the mobile can vary. Photographic material might be attached to it as well as small collection items, ranging from a cherished favourite toy to a small-scale set of crockery or the results of a heritage class.

The Heritage Mobile thus offers a permanent framework to show the public everything that heritage is and can be! It exhibits a diverse range of different types of heritage (furniture, pictures, books, etc.) and subjects. All kinds of methods are included to make heritage accessible (educational projects, exhibitions, oral history, etc.).

Why a Heritage Mobile?

The Erfgoedcel [Heritage Group] implements heritage policy in Mechelen and the region, in close collaboration with other departments from the Erfgoedontwikkeling [Heritage Development] Department. Local and regional heritage organisations are key partners in this. At the same time, the Erfgoedcel reaches out to a number of non-heritage stakeholders in Mechelen and the region. In this way, we create heritage conservation, which brings together stakeholders from various sectors and so embeds it as a truly social initiative.

The Heritage Mobile is a taster for a range of heritage for all partners. It makes the presence of heritage in Mechelen and the region visible in an unexpected way.